What we do

What we do 2017-07-21T09:44:32+10:00

Reality, factual & documentary casting

Every show is different and there is no “one size fits all” approach for casting. Our different experiences over the years have culminated in the know-how we bring to the table. We will work with you and your requirements, developing a process tailor-made to your brief and budget. And yes, we are more than happy to work onsite with you and your team. The closer our working relationship, the better the outcome!

We take great pride in ensuring that the people we approach are treated with respect. Everyone has a story and in order to do a thorough job, it’s essential that we listen and empathise to learn as much as we can. Talking with people is what we love!

Reality, factual and documentary casting
Host and expert casting

Host & expert casting

We love seeing people on our screens who are the real deal and know what they’re talking about – we have cast doctors, personal trainers, architects and hosts with great professional experience outside of television.

We love to delve into an industry and uncover wonderfully talented professionals whom we have never seen on the small screen before.

Creative development

We love the creative process. We have worked on long-term projects purely to generate new formats and concepts and can drive innovative creative development in an organisation.

We’ve helped shape many kernels of an idea into a synopsis, elevator pitch or a more involved document using a clear, persuasive manner. We can work with you either as a creative partner or just assist with a specific concept.

Creative development
Social media casting campaigns

Social media casting campaigns

A Cast of Thousands has built a great social media presence over the years. We have a direct channel to a large cohort of users who are keen to hear about TV shows that are casting. And being a neutral page not associated with a network, production company or show, it gives us flexibility to say what we want, how we want!

Talk to us about a cost-effective, standalone, targeted social media campaign to kick start your casting!

Background research

We were doing research well before Google! Jumping onto the internet only ever finds half the story. We delve deep into a subject the old-fashioned way, using online resources where appropriate.

We have the knack of getting out there and talking to people – and knowing how to get them to talk.

Commercial casting

Commercial talent casting

Are you looking for real people for your TVC or online campaign? Then you know you’re looking for authenticity.

Well, there’s no one better to look after that for you than the first specialist casting directors that focus on real people!